What's Your Color Of Winter?

Written by Luc / Illustrated by Roya

Who says winter’s just snowy white? Santa red, starry yellow, turkey brown, or cupcake pink… A festive picture book makes the winter season endlessly colorful. Winter is way cooler than plain blank. Take out your crayons, color up and dream on!

Tooth Fairy Trouble

Written by Tiziana Ciccone /Illustrated by Roya

The Tooth Fairy is the busiest fairy in all of Mount Tooth. Each night, Tabitha and her faithful friend Mumford travel the world collecting teeth from sleeping children. 

Little Rhody For Two

Written & Illustrated by Roya

An uniquely illustrated travel log/ journal of a Chinese couple’s life in the smallest state: Rhode Island, USA. Sweet, gentle, whimsical, and light-hearted, like summer breeze on the beach. Little Rhody can be romantic!

Sophia the Cat

Written & Illustrated by Roya

Sophia is NOT just a cat. She is an intelligent female feline who thinks independently and demands mutual respect from her human cohabitant: Roya (Sophia doesn’t like to use the word owner). Witty, fun, and touching. If you like cats, you can’t miss this!

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