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What's Your Color Of Winter?

Written by Luc / Illustrated by Roya

Who says winter’s just snowy white? Santa red, starry yellow, turkey brown, or cupcake pink… A festive picture book makes the winter season endlessly colorful. Winter is way cooler than plain blank. Take out your crayons, color up and dream on!

Little Rhody For Two

Written & Illustrated by Roya

An uniquely illustrated travel log/ journal of a Chinese couple’s life in the smallest state: Rhode Island, USA. Sweet, gentle, whimsical, and light-hearted, like summer breeze on the beach. Little Rhody can be romantic!

Sophia the Cat

Written & Illustrated by Roya

Sophia is NOT just a cat. She is an intelligent female feline who thinks independently and demands mutual respect from her human cohabitant: Roya (Sophia doesn’t like to use the word owner). Witty, fun, and touching. If you like cats, you can’t miss this!

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